Road to Hana Tours – What to Know Before You Go

Road to Hana is one of the most adventurous attractions of Hawaii. It is 70 mile/110km stretch with unblemished landscapes, towering waterfalls, spectacular seascapes, taro patches, and botanical gardens and is considered one of the top drives in the world. Hana Highway does not exactly fit in the typical definition of a “highway” because it is less a roadway and more an event in itself with more than 600 turns, about 50 one-lane bridges and magnificent views of mountain streams and soaring sea cliffs. It is so spectacular that there are souvenir shirts being sold in Maui with the statement “I survived the Road to Hana.” It seems a quick 2-hour one-way drive based on the map but the stops along the heavenly Hana will make it at least 6-12 hours long roundtrip! Book your Road to Hana tours now!

Tips for Driving:

Get a driver:
It is better that you take a van or coach tour. Start your tour as early as possible. The best way to see Hana is to have an air-conditioned vehicle and a driver. You will be fully able to enjoy your trip if you leave the driving to someone else. A knowledgeable driver will also act as a guide and show you the most beautiful spots.
Stay for a few days:
You can enjoy Hana if you stay for some days at least and this place is certainly not for you if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. You won’t be able to everything in one day. Besides, there are winding roads without streetlights and you can avoid danger if you drive back in daylight.
Bring or rent a camera:
Get a camera with you having a huge memory card space (or film). You can take some incredible pictures along the way to cherish them and running out of disc space or deleting other good images to take new ones won’t feel good.
Bring eatables and cash
Get snacks and drinks with you if you don’t want unnecessary stops. In this way, you can have them anytime you feel hungry or thirsty. If you don’t want to get eatables along, then be sure to get some cash with you to buy food. You could buy snacks, fresh fruits, and drinks but it is possible that they might take only cash.
Bring hiking shoes and water shoes
Hana offers many hiking opportunities. Wear hiking shoes to avoid slipping on the rocks or getting injured. Keep a pair of water shoes with you as well.
Get your swimsuit
Bring your swimsuit, towels and changing clothes with you. You should be ready to swim anytime so that you can see more stops. Some stops are closed due to safety reasons such as flash floods. You still have to be cautious and watch out for flash floods when swimming in the waterfalls.
Get sunscreen and bug spray
Having sunscreen is a must anyway and an insect repellent is required to prevent mosquito and insect bites. You can book your Road to Hana tours from Waikiki to witness its pleasant sceneries.

Top Stops on the Road to Hana

Before taking the road to Hana, you need to prepare yourself mentally for the long drive. Plan the number of stops you want to make and then go ahead with the journey.
Jaws Beach
If your trip is from December to March then do stop at the Jaws Beach to witness surfers riding the big waves. Make sure to check the surf conditions – Jaws surf and wave height forecast, to confirm that there are big waves on your drive and only then add this as your stop.
Twin Falls
The first set of waterfalls that you will see on the Road to Hana is the Twin Falls. You will have to do a small hike on slippery rocks to reach the waterfalls. You will see lots of tourists swimming in the pool.
Ke’anae Peninsula
Don’t forget to catch an amazing glimpse of the ocean with the shore made of lava rocks at the end of the road of Ke’anae Peninsula. Watching the big blue waves crashing against the lava rocks is very relaxing.
Ching’s Pond
The picturesque setting of the waterfall at Ching’s Pond is a must-see. A small waterfall flowing to the emerald pond is underneath an old bridge. There is a small hike from the road to the pond. You can jump and swim in the pool or wait for other better swimming options ahead.
Wailua Valley Viewpoint
It has an amazing view of the Wailua town and the ocean but the visitors usually pass this because of the unpromising view from the road and the parking.
Wailuaiki Falls (Hidden Waterfalls)
One of the best stops along the Road to Hana drive is the Wailuaiki Falls also known as the Hidden Waterfalls. After a small hike, you will find one waterfall after another and a pond to swim in. A footbridge separates the two waterfalls in the middle and the scenery is stunning.
Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach
It is a purely black sand beach. You have the choice to explore the freshwater caves, lava tube cave, and blowhole or just swim at this unique black sand beach.
Koki Beach
The impressive views of the ocean at Koki Beach are worth the stop. It has unique sand with a dark red tint. You can also see the Alau Island with coconut trees on top.
Hamoa Beach
This cove is one of the best options for swimming on the road to Hana. You can also go snorkeling provided the water is calm. You can very well visit this beach along with your family and even bring your own beach chairs for relaxation.
Wailua Falls
You have to stop at this beautiful waterfall, even if it is a quick stop. It can be easily seen at the side of the road, along with the bridge. You can also plan Hana tours of Maui and make a memorable experience.

Take your time and enjoy the stops along the Road to Hana. A truly enjoyable road trip, especially this one, is more about the journey than the destination. If you go fully prepared with the right information and time, you’ll have an amazing time, even if you have not done a lot of coastal or jungle road trips.

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