Explore the USS Arizona Memorial

Arizona Memorial is a significant World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument located at Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii. It is also known as the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center or just Pearl Harbor. If you plan to visit this historical site, then book your Pearl Harbor tour now and explore this historical site.

The Experience Highlights


  • You can watch a moving documentary and feel the pain of this horrific attack on Pearl Harbor
  • You get to see a navy vessel aboard to the USS Arizona Memorial on Battleship Row.
  • You can watch the “Black Tears of the Arizona” (Incessantly escaping iridescent oil droplets from the sunken hull of the USS Arizona and coming up to the harbor surface for 76 years).
  • You can view historical artifacts, memorabilia, and dramatic photography documenting the attack.
  • You can also buy souvenirs, WWII memorabilia, and books from the gift shop.
  • You can learn about the informative displays by visiting the National Monument grounds.
  • You can visit the Battleship Row and the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum.
  • You can witness various Navy vessels, destroyers, and carriers

The Experience at the USS Arizona Memorial 

After visiting The World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor you will understand the reason behind the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which lead the USA into WWII.

At the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, you can explore the Road to War and Attack galleries that house historical artifacts, photos, video displays and get the opportunity to relive the moments of the Pearl Harbor attack. You can also watch a moving 23-minute documentary film featuring archival footage of the actual attack. Then an official United States Navy-operated vessel will carry you across the bay to the USS Arizona Memorial slinging above the sunken battleship in which 1,177 crewmen valiantly fought and lost their lives for the country. You can see the Pearl Harbor from the same viewpoint as the sailors saw in the morning and see the names of the martyrs. We highly recommend this incredible tour for every visitor. Book the USS Arizona Memorial tour now and get the opportunity to pay respects to the brave soldiers who lost their lives during the Pearl Harbor attack. 

General Conditions at the Arizona Memorial

  • Some tourists might get emotional while watching the Pearl Harbor attack documentary.
  • You can have a 10-minute US Navy boat ride over to the USS Arizona Memorial.
  • The duration of the complete program is 1 hour and 15 minutes (23-minute documentary film on the actual attack, 10-minute boat ride to and from the Memorial and the time spent at the Memorial).
  • Stormy weather can result in closings.
  • Visitors should be capable of walking 4 city blocks.
  • You may have to wait for a long time, up to 3 hours or more on a busy day. Advance reservation of tickets is advisable.
  • Benches are present throughout the Visitors Center for visitors with mobility problems.

History of Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor National Monument

In 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower approved the creation of USS Arizona Memorial to honor the memory of the soldiers that lost their lives because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Pacific War Memorial Commission opened the USS Arizona Memorial in 1962.

The National Park Service took the responsibility of managing the USS Arizona Memorial from the US Navy that was managing it until 1980. The USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center was built in 1980. The US Navy and the National Park Service inaugurated the USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center that very year.

The Bush Administration passed an Executive Order on December 5, 2008 expanding the mission of the National Park Service to manage and supervise the entire World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument and the following sites at Pearl Harbor: the USS Arizona Memorial and Visitor Center (now referred to as the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center); the USS Utah and USS Oklahoma Memorials, six Chief Petty Officer Bungalows on Ford Island; and mooring quays F6 North and South, F7 North and South, and F8 North and South (part of Battleship Row).

Purpose of the Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor

The purpose of the monument is to…”preserve, interpret, and commemorate the history of World War II in the Pacific from the events leading to the December 7, 1941, attack on Oahu, to peace and reconciliation.”

The purpose and importance of the World War II Valor in the Pacific Monument can be understood by the following statements:

Honoring the sacrifices of those soldiers who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, is at the heart of the National Park Service.

• Honoring the 1,177 crewmen at The USS Arizona Memorial
• Honoring the 429 sailors at The USS Oklahoma Memorial
• Honoring the 58 men who lost their lives at The USS Utah Memorial.

You can get information about the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

• Two exhibit galleries.
• Bookstore teeming with important books and WWII souvenirs.
• A theater
• An audio tour
• Outdoor exhibits.

Significance of the Pearl Harbor Monument

The following statements describe why resources and values of a monument are important to receive the post as a unit of the national park system. These statements are supported by data, research, and consensus that connects to the purpose of World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, Pearl Harbor. The significance of the Park is referred in many statements of significance and the reason an area is essential in the context of regional, global, national, and system. In the Pacific National Monument, Pearl Harbor, the following statements have been recognized for World War II Valor:

Japan Attacks Oahu

The monument… “interprets and preserves sites and artifacts of the December 7, 1941, Japanese military attack on Oahu, which killed more than 2,300 military and civilian personnel, and compelled the United States’ entry into World War II.”

Pacific War Oahu

The monument…”works collaboratively to preserve the historic settings of Oahu’s strategic land, air, and sea commands that were crucial to the Pacific War effort.”

Portal to the Pacific War Story

The monument…”serves as a portal to the Pacific War story, from its epic land, air, and sea battles to the violations of human rights and the long-lasting impacts of the war.”

Final Resting Place

The monument…”is the final resting place of hundreds of crew members of the USS Arizona and USS Utah who made the ultimate sacrifice in the greatest loss of life during a single event in US Naval history. The National Park Service and the US Navy continue to honor WWII veterans through ceremonial and stewardship activities.”

Remember the Sacrifices

The monument…”serves as a focal point to honor and commemorate the sacrifices made during the Pacific War.”

Enduring Peace

The setting of the monument….”provides unique opportunities for reconciliation among former Pacific War combatants. The memorials serve as icons of enduring peace and reminders of the healing that is still ongoing.”

Visitors Center Accessibility

  • Pearl Harbor is an ADA compliant and provides handicap facilities.
  • All the restrooms, museums, bookstore, drinking fountains, US Navy shuttle boat, theater and the Memorial can be accessed by wheelchair.
  • Only in emergency situations can one avail wheelchairs.
  • Braille and tactile model resources are available in the Visitor Center.
  • The historical documentary screened in the theater is completely captioned.
  • For use with the hearing aids, there is an induction loop also.
  • Although there are no nurses or doctors on site, hospitals are located closely.

Note: Behavior at the Memorials

The memorials are places of honor, inspiration, reflection, and quiet contemplation commemorating those who lost their lives during the attack of December 7, 1941. Visitors are requested to assist in maintaining an atmosphere of decorum and respect.

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