Explore the Bowfin Submarine Memorial and Park

The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park is present in the Pacific Historic Park at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor. Battleship Missouri Memorial, the USS Arizona Memorial, and the Pacific Aviation Museum are some of the other historical sites. You can visit all these historical sites in just one day. Visitors can get the daily Pearl Harbor tours from Waikiki hotels and one day tours from Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Big Island.

The Experience Highlights

• You can visit the “Pearl Harbor Avenger” Submarine, Submarine Museum, and Waterfront Memorial.
• You can view recruiting posters, battle flags, and incredible exhibits like a cutaway Poseidon missile with its workings displayed.
• You can discover an authentic Japanese Kaiten, or manned torpedo, and the conning tower and periscope of the USS Parche, a contemporary of the Bowfin while touring the park grounds.
• You can pay your respects at the Waterfront Memorial.

The Experience at the U.S.S. Bowfin Submarine

On December 7, 1942, a fleet attack submarine – the USS Bowfin was launched after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Bowfin made 44 enemy ships sink and completed nine successful patrols in the war. It was nicknamed as the “Pearl Harbor Avenger,” The famous term “Silent Service” is made famous with the help of the Bowfin while playing a key role in the defeat of Japan.

USS Bowfin is a National Historic Landmark and museum ship which will give you a feel of how it is to live and serve on a submarine from the WWII. More than 4,000 submarine-related artifacts are housed in the Bowfin Submarine Museum. The Park’s Waterfront Memorial is made to honor to the 3,500 officers and crewmen and the 52 submarines lost during WWII. Bowfin is named after a native predatory fish found in the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. The reason for that is that submarines usually get their names after fish in history.

The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park is very near to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. During the tour, you can visit the narrow corridors of the Submarine, the museum with thousands of WWII era artifacts, the moving Waterfront Memorial that pays tribute to the 52 submarines and 3,500 officers and seamen lost during the war.

General Conditions of the Bowfin Submarine 

• Very tight quarters are present below the deck
• We do not recommend you to go if you are claustrophobic or cannot stand for a long time
• Children under age 4 are not allowed on the submarine

Visitors Center Accessibility

  • Bowfin Submarine is an ADA compliant and handicap accessible facility.
  • Restrooms, bookstore, information desk, drinking fountains, movie
  • Most area are wheelchair accessible.
  • Wheelchairs are only available for emergency situations.
  • Braille and tactile model resources are available in the Visitor Center.
  • Historical documentary shown in the theater is fully captioned.
  • There is an induction loop for use with the hearing aids.
  • There are no nurses or doctors on site.  There are hospitals nearby.

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